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The Sedgwick Collection of Old Master Paintings


Acquired by the AD&A Museum in 1960, the Mr. and Mrs. Francis Minturn Sedgwick Collection represents one of the earliest bequests to the Fine Arts…

The Peter and Virginia Bancroft Collection of Vintage Photographs


A collection of 580 daguerreotype, ambrotype, and tintype images taken between 1840-1880, the Peter and Virginia Bancroft Collection has as its…

The Barry Berkus Family Collection


The Barry Berkus Family Collection contributes to the strength of the Museum's holdings of twentieth century works on paper. Made in 2006, the Berkus…

The Feitelson Collection of Old Master Drawings


The paintings of American artist Lorser Feitelson, along with his wife and fellow artist Helen Lundeberg Feitelson, have been increasingly recognized…

The Sigmund Morgenroth Collection of Renaissance Medals and Plaquettes


Intricately carved reliefs cast in metal or carved in wood, the Morgenroth Collection of medals and plaquettes rivals major collections of similar…

The Fernand Lungren Bequest


In 1959, The Fernand Lungren Bequest became the first group of paintings acquired by the AD&A Museum for its permanent collection. Fernand Harvey…

The Margaret Mallory Bequest


The Margaret Mallory Bequest comprises two distinct areas of the AD&A Museum holdings. In 1961, Margaret Mallory donated a group of twentieth…

The Eileen and Peter Norton Gift


Donated largely to the AD&A Museum in 2000, the Eileen and Peter Norton gift consists of watercolors, drawings and prints by twentieth century…

The Laurence Rickels Collection


This collection focuses on the work of contemporary Los Angeles artists in the 1990s and 2000s with a particular emphasis on artists who taught or…

The Ruth S. Schaffner Collection


Ruth S. Schaffner (1914-1996) was a photojournalist and filmmaker, collector and patron, and art dealer whose galleries in Santa Barbara and Los…

The Ala Story Print Collection


Ala Story was the second director of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, having had enjoyed a successful career as a gallerist in England and then as…

The Ken Trevey Collection of American Realist Prints


The AD&A Museum is indebted to UC Santa Barbara alumnus Ken Trevey for this significant contribution to the Museum’s holdings in graphic arts.…

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts,  The Andy Warhol Photographic Legacy Program


Beginning in 1970, Andy Warhol took scores of photographs which served as the basis for his commissioned portraits, silk-screen paintings, drawings…



In 2012, the AD&A Museum at UC Santa Barbara was gifted 8 Portfolios from Exit Art. Founded in 1982 by Jeanette Ingberman and  Papo Calo, Exit…

Outdoor Sculpture


In a serene setting alongside the Pacific Ocean, the AD&A Museum is uniquely positioned at the UC Santa Barbara to highlight a small number of…

Artists' Biographies

The Carolyn and Edwin Gledhill Photography Collection


In 1986, Keith Gledhill donated to the AD&A Museum a collection of over 100 photographic materials by his mother and father, Carolyn and Edwin…

UCSB Alumni and Faculty


The AD&A Museum has a strong collection of artwork from MFA students as well as a smaller group of faculty and former faculty members.  Many well…

The Arts of the Middle East 


The AD&A Museum houses a small but significant collection of Islamic materials given in large part by Grace H. Dreyfus in 1971. These works…

The Arts of the Ancient Mediterranean


The AD&A Museum was given a small but relevant group of antiquities by Grace H. Dreyfus and Arthur Silver in the early 1970s. This collection has…

The Garner Tullis and Atelier Richard Tullis Collection


In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, the AD&A Museum received by donation and purchase a collection of monotypes and unique prints produced at…

The Arts of Latin America


The AD&A Museum houses a number of works representing the artistic traditions that developed in Mesoamerica, Central America, and South America…

The Thomas C. Pavia Collection of Daoist Gods


The Arts of Indigenous North America


In 1965, Luella D. Saxby donated approximately 50 objects creating the F. May Young Collection at the AD&A Museum.  Subsequent gifts by Mrs.…

The Arts of Indigenous North America

Highway as Habitat


In 1986, Ulrich Keller, Professor of Photography, the History of Art and Architecture, UCSB, brought the exhibition  "Highway as Habitat" to the…

American and European Prints and Drawings pre 1900


In addition to the Feitelson Collection of Old Master Drawings and the Ala Story Print Collection, the AD&A Museum includes a strong…

Oceanic Arts


Sculpture and Mixed Media


In addition to outdoor sculpture, the AD&A Museum's collection includes numerous smaller works by artists such as Mark Di Suvero, UCSB Alum, and…



In addition to the Bancroft Collection of Vintage Photographs and the Carolyn and Edwin Gledhill Collection, the AD&A Museum has established a…

American and European Prints and Drawings post 1900


In addition to the American and European works on paper (prints and drawings) created before 1900, the AD&A Museum includes a strong collection of…



In addition to the Sedgwick Collection of Old Master Paintings and The Fernand Lungren Bequest, the AD&A Museum has steadilycollected paintings…

The Arts of Asia


The AD&A Museum houses a small collection of works from Asia including Japanese textiles and a Vietnamese portfolio created using traditional…

Electronic Media


The AD&A Museum has a small but growing collection of electronic media including Ja'Tovia Gary's Giverny I (NEGRESSE IMPERIALE)

The Arts of Africa


In addition to the Margaret Mallory Bequest, the AD&A Museum includes significant holdings of art from Africa. This includes but is not limited to…

The Keith Puccinelli Collection of Art and Design


In 2018, the AD&A Museum was given numerous artworks from the Estate of Frances Garvin and Keith Julius Puccinelli. Included in this gift are…

The Arts of Ancient Mesoamerica


The AD&A Museum houses a large collection of Ancient Mesoamerican Art.  Included in this group are numerous works from Mexico including spindle…

The Arts of Ancient South America


The AD&A Museum has a small collection of objects from Peru and the Andes augmented by a smaller group from Argentina.

Women Beyond Borders


Donated in 2023, Women Beyond Borders showcases the transformative gift of the archives and artworks from the multisite, cross-cultural exhibition…