The Feitelson Collection of Old Master Drawings


The paintings of American artist Lorser Feitelson, along with his wife and fellow artist Helen Lundeberg Feitelson, have been increasingly recognized for their contribution to the development of American abstract painting in the mid-twentieth century. Feitelson, whose own work is now included in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Museum of Modern Art, was also an avid collector of more than 190 Old Master drawings that were bequeathed to AD&A Museum. Feitelson’s collection is of value not only as a tool for education and enjoyment; it also serves as a window into Feitelson’s views on old master drawing techniques and media. The mounts, as the late UC Santa Barbara Professor of Art History Alfred Moir wrote, “are covered with Lorser’s notes, speculating, comparing, documenting them, recording other peoples’ comments on them, pursuing recently published discoveries about their authors.”  A catalog of selected work from the Collection was published in 1983, the text of which was the result of a graduate seminar at the UC Santa Barbara which focused on attributions and provenance. The Feitelson Collection conveys to all visitors the vital role of drawing and draftsmanship in artistic production prior to the mid-nineteenth century.

Collection Items

TIEPOLO, Gian Domenico
Cloud of Angels, 1757

ALBERTI, Cherubino
Pen, brown ink, and grey wash on cream paper

ASPERINI, Amico (Imitator of)
Hercules and Cerberus, 15th-16th C.

CESI, Bartolomeo (Attributed to)
Working Man with Stick or Hoe, 16th - 17th c.

BARTOLOMMEO, Fra (Circle of)
Nude Youth (recto), 15th - 16th c.

Giustiniani Apollo (verso), 15th - 16th c.

CAMBIASO, Luca (Circle of)
Holy Family with Saint John the Baptist, 16th C.

Holy Family, 16th C.

The Death of Queen Sophonisba, 16th C.

SALVIATI, Francesco
The Deception of Ixion, 16th. C.

NEBBIA, Cesare
Death of Dido, 16th-17th C.

Negretti, Iacopo (called Palma il Giovane)
Resurrection, ca. 1580-84

PASSAROTTI, Bartolomeo
Two Putti, c. 1550s

VOSTERMAN, Lucas the Elder (Attributed to)
Two Studies of Putti Stepping under a Drapery, 17th C.

Perseus Rescuing Andromeda, 16th - 17th C.

TIBALDI, Pellegrino
Frieze with Men, Putti, Satyr, and a Nymph, 16th C.

VERDIZOTTI, Giuseppe Maria
Apollo Flaying Marsyas, 16th-17th C.

ZUCCARO, Federico, 16th - 17th century
Resurrection of Christ, 16th - 17th century

ZUCCARO, Taddeo (Circle of)
Firing of the Temple in Jerusalem, 16th C.

BENSO, Giulio
Elevation of the Cross, 17th C.

CARRACCI, Annibale
Castle Landscape, 16th-17th C.

Adoration of the Magi, 16th-17th C.

VAN DYCK, Anthony (Circle of)
Resurrection of Lazarus

Christ and Saint Peter: Pasce Oves Mea, ca. 1696

LAFAGE, Raymond
Battle of Centaurs and Lapiths, 1681-1682

DE LEONE, Andrea
Seated Old Man (recto), Robed Figure in Clouds (verso), 17th C.

Agony in the Garden, 16th-17th C.

FLINCK, Govaert
Seated Female Nude Extending a Wreath, 1640s

Atalanta and Hippomenes, 17th C.

RONCALLI, Cristofano, (IL POMARANCIO, After)
Saint Domitilla, 16th-17th C.

Heavenly Hosts, 16th - 17th c.

Anthony Before Cleopatra, 16th - 17th C.

Artist unknown
Fainting Virgin Mary with Two Marys and Joseph of Arimathea, 17th C.

Penitent Saint Peter, 17th C.

RIBERA, Jose de (Circle of)
Figure Studies, 17th C. 

Artist unknown
Pen and black ink, grey wash on cream paper

GANDOLFI, Mauro (Attributed to)
Studies of Six Heads, ca. 1790-1795

Mary Magdalen Washing the Feet of Christ, 18th C.

The People of Israel and the Fiery Serpents, 1725-1735

TIEPOLO, Giambattista
Angels and Figures, 18th C.

TIEPOLO, Gian Domenico
Head of an Old Man, 18th-19th c.

TIEPOLO, Gian Domenico
Cloud of Angels, 1757

VAROTTI, Giuseppe
Judgement of Paris, ca. 1730-1740

PINELLI, Bartolomeo
Battle of Romans and Etruscans, 1823

TIEPOLO, Gian Domenico
Saint Anthony of Padua and the Infant Christ, 18th - 19th c.
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