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Searching Tips

There are two ways to search the Art Collections at the AD&A Museum: (1) By Collection and (2) By Item


From the Arts Collection Home Page – click Browse Collections link

The collections (37) will appear and can be scrolled thru

Should you wish the collections to appear in alphabetical order per their title click at top right on Sort by: Title    link

Should you wish to access a collection; click View the items in…(collection name)  link

Click on the maker name at right to access the full record 



From the Art Collections Home page click Browse Items-link

You can scroll thru the records or sort them alphabetically by creator by clicking on Sort by: Creator at upper right. 

Should you wish a more narrowed search you can access records by a specific field or keyword by accessing Search Items at upper left. link

You can search by a specific Keyword which can be anything such as maker or media.

For a more narrowed search, you can search on the following fields: 

Creator, (Artist, Maker) Date (Date made), Description (Title, measurements, Media, Description of item) Identifier (Accession number); Source (Donor name and or purchase)

Enter parameter of the field (Exact match, starts with,etc..) followed by the field entry

You can narrow your search even further by adding additional fields and using an and or statement. link

Any of the above can be added by including AND or OR.


PLEASE NOTE: A search can be completed by entering a keyword in the search field at the top right of all search pages

To execute search, press Search for Items at bottom of page.