BUYSE, Alain



Affiche No. 82, 2002
19 5/8 x 13 3/4" SHEET
Always fascinated with language, Buyse immersed himself in the study of literature, music, and photography. In 1980, Buyse was introduced to offset photoengraving focusing on the technical treatments of colorimety or the measurement of color. Lending itself to graphic production, offset photoengraving enabled Buyse to move easily into the production of posters, printed media and advertising establishing a printing workshop in 1983 in Old Lille, France. He aso published his first artist's book L'Appel du broad in 1985 referring to himself more as a craftsman than an artist. In 1996 a text by Paul-Armand Gette inspired Alain Buyse to create a poster project called ART? and which to date includes 144 works by himself andothers who answer the very question (of what is art) in their own way. Affiche No. 82 is part of a 5 image set and includes an ochre colored world map with the forms outlined in black. Inscribed at the lower edge in French and English: MAP TO INDICATE COUNTRIES ACCORDING TO DEVELOPMENT OF AN EVERYDAY CRITIQUE OF FALSE UNIVERSALS ART? ART & LANGUAGE AFFICHE NO. 82 BUYSE/LILLE 2002




BUYSE, Alain
b. France 1952 - 2018


Donald P. Walton Jr. and Frances Colpitt Estate




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