GANESH, Chitra



Expose: Gravity's Dream
13 color screen print with monotypical background, hand flocking, google eyes, glitter on Coventry Rag, 320 gsm paper, 32/50
22 x 30" PAPER
Born in Brooklyn to Indian immigrants, Chitra Ganesh is a photographer and visual artist who studied literature at Brown University, and then completed an MFA in 2002 at Columbia University. Visual art served as an avenue for her views on society and as a child she was much influenced by Bollywood, comics and literature using these elements to illustrate and inform her narrative on Feminism and the Queer community. Expose: Gravity’s Dream is a screen print on Coventry rag completed in 2008. Chitra captures the feminist gender using a headless body of a woman being tortured by razor blades while her head sits on a red base with some of her facial features missing. Eyes floating in the air are presented in an eerily surreal way. The woman’s flesh is green and her eyes are a burning red. Much of her art is executed in screen print but she is also well known for her large installations such as her mixed media wall mural, Eyes of Time, at the Brooklyn Museum, 2014-2015.




GANESH, Chitra
United States, b.1975


Gift of Exit Art, New York





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