VIANEN, Paul van



Pan and Syrinx
173 mm
The central subject of this medal is the story of Pan’s pursuit of the nymph Syrinx. Pan, the Greek god of the Woods and fields, is recognizable by the goat-like lower potion of his body as well as the horns on his head. He was infamous for his pursuit of erotic pleasures and the numerous women he seduced. Syrinx, a water nymph, however was impervious to his attempts at seduction and ran away from Pan. He pursued her and Syrinx, upon reaching the banks of the river and knowing that she would be caught, asked her sisters for help. The sisters transformed Syrinx into reeds growing by the side of the river. The image on the medal shows Syrinx in this moment of this transformation. Pan, heartbroken, cut some of the reeds and fashioned a flute from them and carried it with him at all times, making the Pan Flute one of his symbolic attributes.




VIANEN, Paul van
German, Utrecht ca. 1565/70 - 1613; master 1599


Sigmund Morgenroth Collection of Renaissance Medals and Plaquettes




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