IKEDA, Yoshiro



Kansas Landscape (Spring)
Stoneware, glaze and magnesium carbonate
20 x 20 x 7 1/2" OVERALL
The contours of Yoshiro Ikeda’s ceramic vessels and overall designs incorporate references to the artist’s personal experiences, such as places he has lived or artists he admires. They also reflect an interest in the organic movements found in nature, especially the “ever–changing weather, and the art of dancing.” He expresses a sense of harmony through his work by incorporating aspects of Zen painting, including abstract, geometric patterns which he is able to produce as a result of decades of experimentation with various glazing techniques. Though he continues to incorporate wheel-thrown elements, Ikeda’s pieces are mostly constructed by hand, which not only gives the artist a greater sense of creative freedom, but also enhances the distinctive, asymmetrical qualities of each work. Following his studies at Kyoto College of Fine Arts and UCSB, Ikeda became a distinguished Professor of Ceramics at Kansas State University, a position from which he is now retired. This teaching position, like his international exhibition record, has made him an important figure in the field given his influence on a generation of young ceramicists.


ca. 1995


IKEDA, Yoshiro
b. Japan, 1947


UCSB 1976 MFA Graduate Student, Retired as Distinguished Professor from Kansas State University (2010)




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