NAVA, John



He Lied, They Died
Oil on panel
34 X 50" OVERALL
As an undergraduate John Nava worked closely with his mentor Howard Warshaw, a professor of painting who fostered his deep appreciation for drawing and working from the human figure. Since attending UCSB, John Nava has established a renowned reputation for his commanding portraits and technical sophistication, as evidenced in his paintings, drawings and, more recently, tapestry works. The painting and tapestry on view are from the artist’s portrait series Neo-Icons. They portray young adults sporting t-shirts with phrases made popular during the many government protests following the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He started this series in 2005 to demonstrate his revulsion for the interrogation and detention policies espoused by the George W. Bush administration. In light of ongoing discussions surrounding government-sanctioned torture and domestic spying, these startling works continue to be relevant and spark yet more contemplation and conversation about these controversial subjects.




NAVA, John
b. United States, 1947


Given in Memory of Katie Cooper and All the Fallen of May 23, 2014




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