EVERTON, Macduff




b. United States, 1947
Macduff Everton was born in 1947 in Pearl River, New York. He received both his BA and​ MFA at UC Santa Barbara in 1981 and 1984 respectively. His photography work was sparked by the spontaneous trip he took at the age of 19, soon after landing work at an educational film company. His big photography breakthrough involved his deep interest and inspiration he garnered from Mayan culture, publishing a book in 2012 entitled, The Modern Maya: A Culture​ in Transition. ​This was influenced by his travels to the Yucatan peninsula and centered on the age of globalization and crucial change in the region. Through his photographs Everton wanted to send the message that the heart and soul of the culture is the ordinary people in it. Everton is praised for his use of panoramic photography and his spotlight on rural areas. He has made several writing contributions to archaeologists’ books including The Code of Kings​ and The Language of Seven Sacred Temples & Tombs​. Everton’s work is showcased in many public collections such as in the British Museum, Museum of Modern Art New York, Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art, Musee de l’Elysee.