VAN RIJN, Rembrandt ( Attributed to)



Joseph Telling His Dream
etching (re-strike)
5 x 3 7/8 in
Gesturing expressively, Joseph is shown relaying his dream that one day he will rule and others will bow to him. His brothers act out a variety of responses, from wonder to anger and suspicion. While the small etching is rich with fine detail, much has been obscured and darkened through centuries of wear to its plate. In the earlier impression of the same plate from Westmonts Ridley-Tree Museum of Art, also on view, note how features of the turbaned figure standing behind Joseph are still distinguishable beneath the shadow cast on his face. As you compare the two prints, see if you can observe other passages of engraving that have become illegible after numerous restrikes.


17th C.


VAN RIJN, Rembrandt ( Attributed to)
Dutch, Leyde 1606 - 1669 Amsterdam


Gift of Mr. Granville Libby




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