GOLTZIUS, Hendrick



Horatius Cocles Defending the Bridge
14 5/8 x 9 3/8"
Horatius Cocles was a Roman soldier whose story of bravery and strength was recounted in Ab Urbe Condita, Livys saga of the early history of the Roman empire. According to Livy, Cocles singlehandedly held off Etruscan soldiers who attempted to cross the Tiber River and invade Rome. Cocles stood at one end of the bridge to meet the advancing Etruscans and ordered the remaining Roman soldiers to destroy the bridge behind him. In the lower right corner remnants of the destroyed bridge can be seen along with Cocles in action. Upon the bridges destruction, Cocles dramatically dove into the water, as spears flew about him, and swam to the Roman side of the river where he was hailed as a hero and given a large plot of land in gratitude for his bravery.


GOLTZIUS, Hendrick
b. Mulbrecht, 1558 - 1617


William Dole Purchase Fund




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