South America, Peru, South Coast, Nazca



Flaring Goblet
450-550 C.E.
Ceramic with polychrome decor
4 x 5 1/4 dia. in.
Nasca flaring goblet with bloody mouth killer whale and rodents.At the time this vessel was made a severe drought was wreaking havoc on the Nasca. Fearful for the survival of their crops the Nasca depicted bloody mouth killer whale, a mythological creature who protected the fields and helped ensure agricultural fertility. Running along the bottom of the vessel are mice. These rodents were both a blessing and a curse as their presence indicated a good harvest. Too many of them, however, could destroy the crops but the Nasca also used the bloody mouth killer whale deity to help control their population.


450-550 C.E.


South America, Peru, South Coast, Nazca


Gift of Dr. Stephen S. Goodspeed and Mrs. John Goodspeed Ainsworth




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