VAN RIJN, Rembrandt (Attributed to)



Clement de Jonghe
etching (re-strike)
6 3/4 x 8 in
This etching is a restrike of Rembrandts sixth and final state of his portrait of the print dealer Clement de Jonghe. The sixth state was reprinted numerous times and can be found with a variety of watermarks in different collections. In the later states of the etching, Rembrandt adds stippling to the figures right side, increasing the shading and volume to his face and cloak. Note the particularly clumsy passages of dark shadows on de Jonghes face. This indicates that the plate has been extensively re-worked by a later hand and was extremely worn when this impression was made. Clement de Jonghe, an Amsterdam print dealer, collected Rembrandts original copper plates, which thereafter were owned by the merchant Pieter de Haan in the eighteenth century, and were used to produce restrikes such as those displayed here.




VAN RIJN, Rembrandt (Attributed to)
Dutch, Leyde 1606 - 1669 Amsterdam


Gift of Mr. Granville Libby




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